Carpet Cleaning Services Windsor Can Rely On

Let your home get the makeover it deserves from our passionate team of cleaners with over 20 years of experience. We offer carpet, upholstery, duct and rug cleaning for customers across Windsor. Our team has a great work ethic and will go above and beyond to make sure your home and furniture are treated with the utmost care.

From the initial call of discussing areas of the house that need cleaning or steam cleaning to the final sanitisation service to make the house smelling fresh — we are committed to doing our best.

Your Upholstery Needs a Clean and We’re the Ones for the Job

When was the last time you gave your sofa a good clean? Chances are not in a very long time if at all and it’s currently looking a bit cheap. And yet upholstery is one of those things that everyone in the household uses and comes into contact with. Cleaning it is just a bit of a tedious task and requires precise methods to ensure the upholstery isn’t damaged.

Our professionals have the skills to do that, so you don’t have to worry about it. Aside from having the best carpet steam cleaning services Windsor has to offer, we also clear your upholstery with the right chemicals to make sure the materials don’t wear off.

To top it all off, our cleaners also can clear the dirt in your ducts and sanitise with tea tree oil. A complete package from our cleaners for your home in Windsor. We also bring our services to areas beyond Windsor including but not limited to Brighton, Camberwell and South Yarra.

Get the Best Carpet Cleaning Experts for Your Home/Business in Windsor

We have clients from all over Windsor and surrounding suburbs asking for our carpet cleaning services as we offer the cheapest prices and the best services; however, we can guarantee your house will look anything but cheap once you’ve had our carpet steam cleaning.

Call us on 1300 310 160 if you have any questions or book one of our services online and we’ll get back to you soon!