St Kilda’s Best Choice for Steam Cleaning Carpets

Anyone living in St Kilda loves a good trip to the beach and back. What you don’t know is that a little bit of the beach comes back with you through sand particles. They get on your floorboards, in your carpets and into the ducts in your house.

Central Home Services specialises in steam cleaning carpets, upholstery and ducts — the perfect service for any sandy property in St Kilda. We give your home or building the deep cleansing it needs with our tried and tested methods of cleaning.

No Stain is Too Difficult for our Expert Carpet Cleaners

Have a pesky stain on you carpet that just doesn’t want to leave? Does your building have a funky odour coming from the ducts? We can take care of it. Whatever the issue, we have the equipment and material to clean it up.

We go above and beyond to offer our customers in St Kilda the best carpet cleaning services. We fully prepare beforehand, so our cleaners will come by to conduct a pre-cleaning check on your property. This way we can guarantee good service, a thorough clean and make sure the chemicals we use doesn’t damage the colour-fastness of any of your materials. Our top priority is improving the condition of whatever is presented to us. Our cleaning services might be cheap, but your carpets and furniture will look anything but.

Central Home Services is a family operated business with years of experience, which is why we’re the preferred choice for St Kilda customers looking for the best carpet, ducts, upholstery or rug cleaning. However, don’t fret we also service locations outside of St Kilda for pretty cheap prices.

Get in Touch to Book a Steam or an Upholstery Cleaning Appointment in St Kilda

Call us now on 1300 310 160 to talk to one of our cleaners to work out which service best suits your needs. Our experts will be able to help decided if your home requires a dry or steam carpet cleaning service, or how your commercial building benefits from a duct cleaning. Alternatively, you can make a booking online and one of our team members will get back to you to work out the details.