Sofa Steam Cleaning Melbourne

Welcome to Central Home Services; one of the most trusted names for high quality and affordable sofa steam cleaning services in Melbourne. Our team have been fully trained in all aspects of sofa cleaning and we’ve got experience in working with all kinds of fabrics including synthetic, microsuede, wool, tapestry, cotton, suede, and leather sofa cleaning.

Efficient & Professional Sofa Steam Cleaning in Melbourne

We pride ourselves on providing the best professional residential and commercial sofa steam cleaning in Melbourne and it’s our attention to detail in the following services that our customers love the most;

Professional Sofa Steam Cleaners

We make affordable sofa steam cleaning in Melbourne accessible to all. Before beginning any sofa cleaning job, we pre-test all surfaces for colourfastness and check materials to establish the best method of cleaning, which guarantees an exceptional result. Steam cleaning can really refresh your tired grubby sofa and, here at Central Home Services, our sofa steam cleaning service will have it looking as good as new. 

So if you’re looking for sofa steam cleaning in Melbourne, whether it’s for an antique sofa that’s been in your family for generations or it’s your leather lounger that needs a good clean, we’re here to help. 

Why steam cleaning your sofa is always best

The frequent use that sofas are exposed to means they quickly get deeply embedded with all kinds of nasty germs, grime, dirt, dust and bacteria. Even mites and bugs can take up residence in your sofa and the scary thing is you might not even know they’re there. 

Now how can get you rid of those nasty’s? With a steam cleaning eviction of course, and luckily you’ve got the leading sofa steam cleaning Melbourne company right here to help you.

The results of our services for sofa steam cleaning in Melbourne simply speak for themselves. 

The transformations that sofa steam cleaning can achieve are quite simply remarkable. Your sofa is subjected to daily use and abuse yet it can be restored to near new condition through steam cleaning. 

Most of our customers tell us that after they have their sofa steam cleaned by us they are always bombarded with questions from guests about whether they have purchase a new sofa! The dramatic results are hard to believe but they really can be achieved.

So how can steam cleaning produce such remarkable results?

How sofa steam cleaning works

If your upholstered sofa looks a shadow if its former itself, it needs some proper TLC. You don’t have to replace it and you can stop trying to hide its jaded appearance with throws and cushions – it just needs a professional steam clean to restore its appearance. 

Once every 12 months, you need to draft in a professional sofa steam cleaning company to give your sofa a new lease of life.

The high temperature from the steam omitted dislodges all kinds of dirt and dust, bacteria and bugs from their safe haven in the root of your sofa fabric fibres. The vapour effectively evaporates any hidden nasty’s, getting right to the core of fibres to ensure a deep, thorough clean that is otherwise unachievable through traditional cleaning methods or low temperature cleaning.

It is only the heat of the steam that makes direct contact with the fibres of your sofa. Your sofa is not subjected to a direct heat source, as it would quickly and easily become damaged. 

The majority of sofa materials could not withstand any sustained period of direct contact with a heat source. The heat omitted from the steam alone is enough to remove all and any nasty inhabitants among the fibres.

Your sofa will not be saturated with water and sitting damp for a week. Through the use of heaters, it should be dry and back in action within about 24 hours after being steam cleaned. You won’t be left with any chemical cleaning product scents looming the air and there will be no sticky residue left behind.
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What kinds of stains does sofa steam cleaning work on?

Steam cleaning can remove about 98% of stains on upholstered sofas – it’s that powerful. From food and drink spills to dreaded red wine stains, baby “accidents”, muck and sticky residue, steam cleaning is your solution to shifting them.

In the event that our efforts cannot completely remove the stains on your sofa, as the leading company for those that are looking for a sofa steam cleaner in Melbourne, we will at the very least significantly diminish their appearance.

What kind of sofa is safe for steam cleaning?

While suitable for leather sofas and lots of upholstered furniture, unfortunately steam cleaning is not a viable option for all sofas. 

Where your sofa features delicate materials like velvet or silk, these areas can be easily damaged by the heat omitted by a steam cleaner. Likewise, if your sofa has a water-based paint surface or wax wood handle, these areas must be kept free from the path of a steam cleaner.

There are lots of other fabrics that have fibres that are so delicate that they can be quickly and drastically damaged by steam cleaning and that are why a pre-inspection is key. 

You need to have your sofa assessed by an expert technician who has the knowledge and experience to accurately assess the make-up of the fibres in your sofa and provide advice on a specific suitable cleaning method. 

Don’t assume that your sofa is safe for steam cleaning or that it is made up of only a certain type of fibre.

Why not to try DIY sofa steam cleaning 

Anyone that is armed with a steam cleaner that isn’t trained on how to use it is capable of doing significant damage. Think of it as not too dissimilar to a chainsaw or drill in the wrong hands! 

That’s why we insist on building a team of experienced, qualified technicians who have years of expertise in steam cleaning various different types of materials. We have responded to so many DIY disasters over the years and the results have not been pretty. 

We would hate for the same to happen to you.

It is easy to make the most critical mistake of all to begin with and apply a steam cleaner to unsuitable materials. The result is immediate damage to your furniture. 

Beyond this, however, we’ve seen DIY disasters where the steam cleaner has been placed in direct contact with the furniture and burned the materials. We’ve seen sofas that have been soaked by steam cleaners and the wrong pre-cleaning and post-cleaning products used, which resulted in stained materials. 

With such a specialist area of cleaning, it is all too easy to make a costly mistake.

The unfortunate outcome is an expensive one. There is nothing we hate more than to see a sofa, an expensive investment, ruined by DIY steam cleaning. Cutting corners through DIY in this scenario more often than not spells a huge disaster so we urge you not to follow that route and instead opt for a professional sofa steam cleaning service

Steam sofa cleaning is a job best left to professionals with expertise and investing in a professional sofa steam cleaning service will prove to be the most cost-effective option in the long run.

Or are you ready to book an appointment? 

If you’re ready to banish sofa stains from your life forever and you’re ready to book an appointment today, just give us a call now on 1300 310 160 or send us an email to and we’ll schedule one for you. 

We do offer a same-day service for those in a hurry and we’re always keeping our prices affordable with special offers so be sure to check in to see what savings you can make. 

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