Furniture Steam Cleaning Melbourne

Welcome to Central Home Services, your go-to provider for exceptional standards and affordability when it comes to furniture steam cleaning in Melbourne. 

Our technicians are experienced and fully trained in all aspects of furniture cleaning and we can renew the look of all kinds of upholstery including cotton, synthetic, wool, suede, tapestry, microsuede and even leather furniture steam cleaning..

We’ve got great results for our valued customers who came to us looking for a trusted and professional furniture steam cleaning Melbourne service. 

We’re passionate about what we do and when it comes to furniture steam cleaning services in Melbourne, we take each job on as if it were our own furniture we were restoring.
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A Furniture Steam Cleaning Company You Can Trust

If you’re looking for a furniture steam cleaning service that you can trust to provide the kind of results you’re hoping to achieve, you’ve found what you’re looking for here at Central Home Services.

Benefits of our Furniture Steam Cleaning Service Melbourne

The benefits of steam cleaning your furniture are many, and include;

  • Safe cleaning – Most people wonder whether furniture steam cleaning in Melbourne is safe, and the answer to that question is “Yes”. Steam cleaning isn’t only safe for the environment, but it will ensure that your furniture is free of chemical residue, making it a safer place for you and your family.
  • Working with a furniture steam cleaner in Melbourne will take your upholstery to a whole new level of cleanliness. Steam will always surpass the results that can be achieved with a cleaning spray and a sponge. It deodorises, it sanitises and it allows for a much deeper clean.
  • Regular steam cleaning and vacuuming will ensure that your furniture stays free of unwanted visitors such as fleas and dust mites. You won’t have to worry about the deep-rooted dirt in your upholstery leading to allergy agitations and other, more serious, health issues. 

Is steam cleaning suitable on your furniture?

The furniture that we deem to be unsuitable for steam cleaning may, instead, benefit from steam cleaning. We also provide a furniture steam cleaning Melbourne service, so if you’re unsure which option is best for your furniture, we’d be happy to help you determine which option is safer. 

Benefits of our Furniture Steam Cleaning Service

The benefits of choosing us as your furniture steam cleaner in Melbourne include;

  • Our service includes a standard check for colour fastness, shrinkage, split seams and tests for all other kinds of potential damage before we commence a job, ensuring you a quality result every time.
  • steam cleaning offers the benefit of time so your furniture will be pretty much ready for use again instantly after we’ve finished up.
  • We’re professional and experienced furniture steam cleaners in Melbourne so you can trust us to produce the best results possible. 

What kind of furniture is safe for steam cleaning?

When it comes to furniture steam cleaning, Melbourne homeowners – just like many homeowners across Australia and the wider world – are unsure about what furniture is suitable, and are consequently quite cautious. 

The reality is that as long as the proper steps are followed and the right equipment is used, almost all furniture can be safely and effectively steam cleaned. 

We’re the Best Furniture Steam Cleaners in Melbourne for a Reason

So if you’re considering furniture steam cleaning in Melbourne, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a contemporary leather sofa or a traditional fabric armchair – Central Home Services’ professional furniture steam cleaning service will provide you with exceptionally clean furniture with absolutely no risk of damage.

Although steam cleaning furniture can be totally safe and risk-free when done by a trained professional, there are many risks associated with attempting to do it yourself. 

Both fabric and leather can easily become irreversibly damaged if the correct amount of moisture and the correct distance are not maintained. So, when looking for a furniture steam cleaner in Melbourne, it’s absolutely essential that you find a reputable and fully certified professional firm.

Why a Furniture Steam Cleaning Service is Always Best

There are plenty of furniture cleaning products available in shops and department stores and there are plenty of companies offering cleaning equipment hire. 

But none of these products and none of this equipment can come close to the effectiveness of steam cleaning conducted by a professional furniture steam cleaner.

Melbourne residents who are considering furniture steam cleaning as a potential option for their home can rest assured that the effectiveness of steam cleaners is second to none when it comes to killing bacteria and other nasties that are secretly lurking unseen in furniture upholstery.

Even though other options that exist are successful at giving the impression that your furniture has been thoroughly cleaned, beneath the apparently clean surface plenty of dust, dirt and bacteria will certainly have remained.

Not only does this mean that your furniture and home becomes less clean and presentable than it could be, it also means that any asthmatics or other individuals suffering from respiratory or immune system-related problems will suffer from worsened symptoms owing to the existence of dust, dust mites and other pollutants.

But because steam can get into all the otherwise inaccessible parts of your furniture, it’s able to thoroughly remove all dust and dirt and kill off all the troublesome creatures like dust mites and bed bugs that so often manage to survive the standard cleaning process unscathed.

What Kind of Stains Does Furniture Steam Cleaning Work On?

Steam cleaning isn’t just the ideal way to remove the unseen nasties that are hard to reach; It’s also extremely effective at removing a wide range of stains that are otherwise virtually impossible to get out. 

Whether you’re struggling with make up stains, grease, glue or stubborn coffee stains, a professional steam cleaning service will undoubtedly be able to remove any stains just as effectively as it removes harmful bacteria and microscopic pests.

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