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Welcome to Central Home Services, your go-to provider for exceptional standards and affordability when it comes to furniture cleaning in Melbourne. 

Our technicians are experienced and fully trained in all aspects of furniture cleaning and we can renew the look of all kinds of upholstery including cotton, synthetic, wool, suede, tapestry, microsuede and even leather furniture cleaning. 

We’ve got great results for our valued customers who came to us looking for a trusted and professional furniture cleaning Melbourne service. 

We’re passionate about what we do and when it comes to furniture cleaning services in Melbourne, we take each job on as if it were our own furniture we were restoring.

A Furniture Cleaning Company in Melbourne You Can Trust

If you’re looking for a furniture cleaning service that you can trust to provide the kind of results you’re hoping to achieve, you’ve found what you’re looking for here at Central Home Services.

Benefits of our Furniture Cleaning Service

The benefits of cleaning your furniture are many, and include;

  • Safe cleaning – Most people wonder whether furniture cleaning in Melbourne is safe, and the answer to that question is “Yes”. Steam cleaning isn’t only safe for the environment, but it will ensure that your furniture is free of chemical residue, making it a safer place for you and your family.
  • Working with a furniture cleaner in Melbourne will take your upholstery to a whole new level of cleanliness. Steam will always surpass the results that can be achieved with a cleaning spray and a sponge. It deodorises, it sanitises and it allows for a much deeper clean.
  • Regular cleaning and vacuuming will ensure that your furniture stays free of unwanted visitors such as fleas and dust mites. You won’t have to worry about the deep-rooted dirt in your upholstery leading to allergy agitations and other, more serious, health issues. 

Is furniture cleaning suitable?

The furniture that we deem to be unsuitable for steam cleaning may, instead, benefit from dry cleaning. We also provide a furniture dry cleaning Melbourne service, so if you’re unsure which option is best for your furniture, we’d be happy to help you determine which option is safer. 

We’re the best Furniture Cleaners in Melbourne

The benefits of choosing us as your furniture dry cleaner in Melbourne include;

  • Our service includes a standard check for colour fastness, shrinkage, split seams and tests for all other kinds of potential damage before we commence a job, ensuring you a quality result every time.
  • Dry cleaning offers the benefit of time so your furniture will be pretty much ready for use again instantly after we’ve finished up.
  • We’re professional and experienced furniture dry cleaners in Melbourne so you can trust us to produce the best results possible. 

What kind of furniture is safe for cleaning?

When it comes to furniture cleaning, Melbourne residents have a wide range of options available to them. At the shops and department stores, there are plenty of furniture cleaning products that are readily available for purchase – and there are many companies offering furniture cleaning equipment hire.

But when it comes to the option of using a steam cleaning service for their furniture cleaning, Melbourne homeowners are sometimes reluctant due to the perceived damage that steam can do to upholstery materials.

But the truth is that whilst steam can cause damage to materials when it is not administered correctly, reputable companies like Central Home Services who provide professional furniture cleaning in Melbourne are able to use the exceptional power of steam cleaning on virtually any furniture with absolutely no risk of damaging the material.

Whether your furniture is made of fabric, leather or any other kind of material, a professionally operated steam cleaner that is set to produce the correct amount of moisture and kept at the correct distance from the material poses no risk. 

It simply removes stains, bacteria and other nasty’s with effortless efficiency and zero damage.
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Why Furniture Cleaning is Beneficial

When looking for professional furniture cleaning, Melbourne residents can be sure that there is no more effective means of attaining a deep and thorough clean than by steam cleaning.

But in order to fully understand why steam cleaning is the very best way of cleaning your furniture, it’s useful to have a general idea of how steam cleaning works. 

Unlike conventional cleaning methods which involve manually applying a cleaning product to surfaces that need to be cleaned, steam cleaning eliminates the difficulty of getting to inaccessibly areas by allowing small steam particles to be directed in, where they promptly expand – forcing out any dust and dirt that may have been trapped there.

The high heat involved also serves to kill off any bacteria or other microscopic nasty’s that are lurking in your furniture. 

This is significant because whilst these creatures may be unseen they can nonetheless cause real problems not only to your furniture but also to your overall health and wellbeing – particularly if you happen to suffer from any respiratory disorders like asthma or have a weakened immune system.

What kind of stains does furniture cleaning remove?

One of the most common reasons that people are looking for furniture cleaning services in Melbourne is to remove stains. 

If traditional stain removal techniques and shop-bought cleaning products have failed to remove a stubborn stain on your furniture, steam cleaning offers perhaps your best hope of finally overcoming the issue.

Whether it’s a stain caused by coffee, make up, grease or glue, you can be sure that the simultaneous application of power and heat that steam provides is one of the most effective ways of removing any stain. 

So when looking to remove a stubborn stain with the help of a company providing professional furniture cleaning services, Melbourne homeowners need look no further than the highly reputable steam cleaning service offered by Central Home Services.

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