Does carpet steam cleaning remove stains?


Your soft beige carpets seemed like a great idea, until the moment you watched a full glass of red wine splatter across them. It’s near impossible to keep your floors permanently stain-free. Luckily, carpet steam cleaning is an effective method of removing most stains. Read on to find out how it works and what makes it the best choice for stain removal.

How does steam cleaning work?

Steam cleaning is exactly what it sounds like; steam that cleans. Hot, vaporised water (steam) is blasted into the carpets at high pressure to clean them. The heat and moisture help to break down and loosen dirt, grime and oils. The suction from the machine removes this broken-down dirt. Sometimes mild cleaning chemicals can also be added to provide fragrance and an extra deep clean.

Will carpet steam cleaning remove stains?

Yes, in most cases. It depends heavily on the type of stain. For example, a lipstick stain is waxy and will require something more than steam to break down. The best plan is to spot clean your stains before beginning steam cleaning. Professional carpet cleaning services will know the best ways to spot clean a stain so that it is removed during steam cleaning.

With over 20 years of experience treating stains, Central Home Services should be your first choice for steam cleaning and stain removals. We’ve worked in homes across Melbourne from Brighton to St Kilda, South Yarra, Camberwell and Windsor.

Emergency spot cleaning tips

When a spill or dirt is likely to stain your carpets, it’s not always easy waiting for professionals to arrive. If you want to spot clean a stain yourself, make sure to use gentle methods. Baking soda is a safe choice for absorbing odours and extracting the top layers of a stain. Sprinkle some over the area, leave to dry and vacuum to remove. It’s important never to rub on carpet stains – even if you feel as though this is getting them out faster. Rubbing can spread the stain or it’s possible the force will push it deeper into the carpet fibres.

Benefits of steam cleaning

Fresh, clean carpets are the obvious outcome when you steam clean but there are some other benefits to this method, such as:

  • Disinfects the carpet: the heat of the steam can kill fleas, bedbugs, germs & mould
  • No water left behind: prevents mould from growing
  • Removes stains without bleach: some carpet stain cleaners can discolour your carpet during the stain removal process
  • Extends the carpets lifespan: gentle cleaning method that helps keep your carpets in good condition
  • Safe for pets & children: no harsh chemicals mean carpets that are safe for the whole family

When it won’t work

Steam cleaning is highly effective at removing stains, but it’s not foolproof. There are a couple of situations where your stains may persist even after steam cleaning.

  1. If the carpet is very old or thinning

In this case the backing of the carpet may also be stained as the thinning left it exposed. Removing stains from coarse, deep-seated materials like the backing is quite difficult. When the carpet is worn and backing is exposed, it’s also more likely that your carpets could be damaged during steam cleaning.

  1. If the stain has bonded to the fibres

When a stain is left to settle in it can bond to the carpet fibres and be harder to remove. It’s a good idea to blot or spot treat stains when they occur using the methods we recommend above. Once a stain has bonded, there is no guarantee it can be removed.

Hire the professionals to fix your stains

It could be a wine stain, a coffee stain or even just a dirty shoe stain; no matter what kind of stain you’re dealing with, Central Home Services can help remove it. We offer professional carpet steam cleaning and dry cleaning to homes and businesses throughout Melbourne. Give us a call on 1300 310 160 to make a booking.