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Central Home Services is a family owned and operated business with over 20 years experience in the St Kilda home service industry. We specialise in stain removal, carpet, upholstery and duct cleaning.
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Carpet & Upholstery Steam Cleaning St Kilda

Central Home Services has been working the cleaning circuit in Melbourne for upwards of 20 years now. Our trusted employees and high tech cleaning services has made our client base go from strength to strength, and we couldn’t be happier to serve our valued clients. 

We are a family owned and run company that specialises in carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, stain removal and odour elimination in Melbourne’s suburbs. Our cleaning services in St Kilda are well known and trusted. 

With all this experience that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise. There isn’t much we haven’t seen and tried; our cleaning techniques have been used on some of the toughest cleaning projects in residential, commercial and industrial capacities. 

Professional steam cleaning services in St Kilda

Why are we so confident in our cleaning abilities?

Well, there are a couple of things: 

Our staff

All of our cleaning staff are highly trained technicians that know how best to handle our latest high tech cleaning equipment. They all go through a rigorous training process that ensures they are giving our clients the cleaning service that they deserve.

As an added advantage, we make sure that all of our staff are friendly, fun and willing to go the extra mile to do a great job.

Our process

We have a very thorough process that we go through on all of our cleaning jobs. Before we even get to the cleaning part, we first assess the materials found on each property to ascertain which cleaning method will be most appropriate for each one. Materials such as silk and leather are incredibly delicate and we will do these in the method that is best suited to them. 

Steam cleaning vs. traditional cleaning

Steam cleaning is one of our most popular techniques in St Kilda, and we fully believe that this process is a step above traditional cleaning methods, here’s why:

  • It’s pet and child-friendly: Many of properties that we work on are family homes and, as such, there is likely to be children and pets around. Steam cleaning doesn’t use any of the harmful chemicals found in traditional cleaning, which makes it perfect for family homes.
  • It eliminates odours: Mould and other bacteria often festers in your carpets and in your furniture; the high heat and powerful suction of steam cleaning helps it to reach these odours and eliminate them.
  • No stain is too strong: The extreme heat of the process breaks down the bonds that dirt forms with fibres and it eliminates even the most stubborn stains and spots.

Contact the St Kilda Steam Cleaning Experts Today!

We have the latest cleaning equipment and techniques, combined with 20+ years of experience, which make us the perfect choice when it comes to cleaning services in St Kilda

Give us a call on 1300 310 160 and we will be able to schedule a call out for you or give you an upfront estimate for the work that you require.

Central Home Services also service the suburbs of Brighton, Black Rock, Beaumaris, Mentone, Parkdale, Glen Waverley, Oakleigh, Bentleigh, Hampton, Sandringham, Frankston & St Kilda.
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