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Central Home Services is a family owned and operated business with over 20 years experience in the Parkdale home service industry. We specialise in stain removal, carpet, upholstery and duct cleaning.
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Carpet & Upholstery Steam Cleaning Parkdale

At Central Home Services we offer professional steam cleaning all over Melbourne’s suburbs. We have been cleaning homes, offices, and other commercial properties for over 20 years now and, as such, it’s safe to say that we have garnered enough experience along the way. 

In fact, our cleaning techniques have been tried and tested for so long now that they can tackle any kind of dirt, spot or stain. 

Professional Steam and Carpet Cleaning in Parkdale

Traditional cleaning uses water and chemicals to remove dirt, and while it looks like the methods are successful on the surface – it’s what lies beneath that is the problem. Traditional cleaning methods don’t reach the deep recesses of furniture and carpets, and much of the worst dirt is often left behind. 

At Central Home Services our highly trained technicians use steam cleaning as one of the primary methods to clean carpets, upholstery, rugs and other items. 

This state-of-the-art equipment is able to penetrate the inner layers of even the most tightly woven carpets to reach the dust, dirt and stains that traditional cleaning simply can’t reach. 

Benefits of steam cleaning in Parkdale

There’s good reason why we love steam cleaning, and there are a number of benefits of steam cleaning over traditional cleaning. They are as follows:

  • It helps allergies: The intense heat of steam cleaning kills dust mites and the dead skin cells that they feed on. Dust mites are one of the main causes of allergies and, as such, steam cleaning will help anyone suffering from allergies in your household.
  • Our products are pet-friendly and child-friendly ensuring a healthy, happy environment for the whole family.
  • The extremely hot water and vacuum actions of the steam machines don’t just result in incredibly deep cleaning, it also means that there is less drying time. The vacuum sucks up the steam and leaves your carpets and furniture dry almost instantly.
  • No stain is too difficult, as the hot water temperature breaks down the molecules of even the toughest marks like coffee, red wine, grease and blood.
  • We are also experts in odour control and will leave your home looking, feeling and smelling like new.

Furniture & Upholstery Steam Cleaning Parkdale

At Central Home Services we know that every house and office is different, and thus the same cleaning techniques aren’t the best across the board.

So, before we get started on any cleaning, we check the materials around the property for things like colour fastness, rips and other factors that may change the way that we clean them. 

Any delicate materials such as silk will be hand washed while the rest of the property is steamed.

So if you are looking for cleaning services Parkdale, then give us a call on 1300 310 160. We will be able to schedule a call out for you or give you an upfront estimate. 

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Central Home Services also service the suburbs of Brighton, Black Rock, Beaumaris, Mentone, Parkdale, Glen Waverley, Oakleigh, Bentleigh, Hampton, Sandringham, Frankston & St Kilda.
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