Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne

Welcome to Central Home Services! We’re a locally owned and operated business that’s been providing home cleaning services, including carpet dry cleaning, in Melbourne for over 20 years.

With our trained technicians guaranteeing you a great result every time, there’s no reason to look elsewhere for professional and affordable dry carpet cleaning services. 

If you’re looking for the best cleaning method to restore your carpets to their former glory, it’s time to hire Central Home Services as we specialise in carpet steam cleaning in Melbourne. We take meticulous care with each job that we undertake and we can quickly and effectively rid your carpet of dangerous microorganisms and stubborn dirt. 

Your home is your sanctuary and there is nothing more important than having a clean and healthy environment to live in. Fortunately, our steam cleaning service can turn your home back into the sanctuary it once was so forget about DIY cleaning, as it will never produce the results that we can. 

Why Carpet Steam Cleaning in Melbourne Is Always Best

There are a variety of methods for cleaning carpets, but none are as effective as steam cleaning. This is because the hot vapour molecules produced by our equipment quickly penetrates the surface of your carpet. 

As soon as the vapour reaches the carpet the molecules expand as they connect with cool surfaces. The process of molecular expansion forces substances such as dirt, debris, bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms out from the depths of your carpet. 

This ensures that every ounce of dirt in your carpet is forced out, therefore providing the deepest clean imaginable. 

The benefits of steam cleaning are many when it comes to your health and that of your family member’s and your pet’s. 

The positives of cleaning with steam are:

  • A Chemical-Free Clean. The only ingredients used when steam cleaning is heat and water so there are no harsh chemicals used when treating your carpets.
  • This makes your living spaces safer for everyone, but it can have a greater affect on children and pets who are more likely to come into contact with any dangerous chemicals present and are more susceptible to their side effects.
  • Furthermore, any previous harsh treatment with chemicals will be eradicated from the surface of your carpet too. 
  • A Much Cleaner Result. The process of using steam to clean deodorises and sanitises much more effectively than other cleaning alternatives. Steam cleaning your carpets can also remove any tough stains that have been present for quite some time. 
  • Eradicates Dangerous Microorganisms. Carpets can become the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, mould, viruses and other hazardous pathogens that can result in irritations, allergies and infections spreading throughout your home.
  • Our steam cleaning service doesn’t simply dispose of dangerous pathogens. It kills them at the source to stop any spreading. Even incredibly dangerous microorganisms, such as E.Coli and Salmonella are disposed of with professional carpet steam cleaning from Central Home Services. 
  • Kills & Controls Allergens. Dust mites are one of the most common causes of allergic reactions within the home. There can be tons of dust mites hiding in the fibres of your carpet that can cause wheezing, sneezing and general respiratory issues.
  • Steam cleaning disposes of any dust mites that are lingering with the upmost ease and efficiency. 
  • Protects Your Pets. Steam cleaning can deodorise the smell that is produced by your pets as well as killing pests that bother them. Any fleas, eggs and larva that happen to be present in your carpet will be killed during a deep steam clean. 

So if you’re looking for the most effective method when it comes to dealing with dirt and dangerous pathogens throughout your home, you’ll benefit from our Melbourne carpet steam cleaning service.

Undoubtedly, steam cleaning is the best way to ensure that your home is hygienic and safe for every member of your household.
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The Benefits of our Melbourne Carpet Steam Cleaning Service 

As our steam cleaning service eradicates many germs and other health hazardous substances there are a large number of health benefits that come with availing of our services.

These can include: 

  • Reduction in Breathing Difficulties 
  • Less Sneezing, Wheezing & Coughing 
  • Reduction in Skin Irritation 
  • Less Prone to Illness 

The eradication of harmful substances and microorganisms can have an astounding affect on your overall health. So, if you or any of your family members are having breathing difficulties or an increase in symptoms related to allergens then it may be time to steam clean your carpets. 

What stains can our steam carpet cleaner in Melbourne remove? 

Does your living room carpet have red wine stains? Perhaps the carpet in your bedroom has more make-up stains than you care to think about? 

If yes, our steam cleaning service can remove all kinds of tough stains with ease. These include: 

  • Coffee Stains
  • Cordial Stains
  • Blood Stains
  • Urine
  • Pet Stains
  • Ink 
  • Blu Tak
  • Grease 
  • Make-Up
  • Glue
  • Wax 

All these stains and more can be removed by our steam-cleaning experts. Even on the lightest coloured carpets you’ll be able to notice the difference immediately as if you had a brand new carpet installed. 

Carpet Protection with Your Steam Clean 

To prevent stains, dirt and dangerous microorganisms from settling back into the fibres of your carpet, we ensure that we adequately protect each carpet after it has been cleaned. 

You will be able to preserve the clean appearance of your carpet for much longer while preventing an accelerated accumulation of nasties throughout its surface. 

What carpets are covered with our steam cleaning service? 

There is a wide range of fibres that can be steam cleaned with ease. Our experience with carpet steam cleaning in Melbourne gives our team the knowledge on how to handle even the toughest fibres. 

We pre-test every carpet before commencing the cleaning process to ensure that we have the right method in place for your particular carpet. 

Some of the fibres that we work with include: 

  • Nylon 
  • Wool
  • Polypropylene 
  • Polyester 

As Melbourne’s most trusted cleaning company, our many years of experience within the industry has given our team the know-how when it comes to safely cleaning carpets that are made with less common fibres. 

If you contact our team today they can provide you with expert advice on whether our services are suitable for your carpets and rugs. You can reach us by phone or right here through our website.  

You can contact the Central Home Services trusted team of professionals now on 1300 310 160 or via email at to schedule a call-out. 

Central Home Services are Melbourne’s best house cleaners, specialising in upholstery cleaning, air duct cleaning, air conditioning cleaning, carpet steam cleaning, carpet dry cleaning, furniture cleaning, couch, lounge and sofa steam cleaning. Contact us today!
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