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Central Home Services is a family owned and operated business with over 20 years experience in the Beaumaris home service industry. We specialise in stain removal, carpet, upholstery and duct cleaning.
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Carpet & Upholstery Steam Cleaning Beaumaris

Welcome to Central Home Services! We are a family owned and run business that has been helping the folk of Melbourne keep their homes clean for over 20 years.

With this much experience, it’s safe to say that we’ve encountered our fair number of dirty carpets in our time. Luckily for you, this means that our cleaning techniques have not just stood the test of time, but they’ve also developed and evolved with new cleaning technology. 

The Best Steam Carpet Cleaning in Beaumaris

So if you are looking for the best carpet cleaning company in Beaumaris, then we’re definitely the company for you. We always strive to go above and beyond for our clients, and we take great delight in exceeding their lofty expectations. 

Our cleaning technicians are highly trained, and have years of experience in getting rid of all sorts of dirt and stains. 

So, whether you are looking for a simple maintenance clean, or are keen to rid your home of pesky odours, sticky stains and mould – we are the cleaning experts in Beaumaris to do the job for you. 

Steam Couch & Sofa Cleaning Beaumaris

The thing is with cleaning is that no household is the same, and different materials need to be treated by the techniques that best suit them. Once we have received a call out from our clients we test all their fabric for colourfastness and other issues that may have an effect on the way they need to be cleaned. 

After testing your materials to find the best method of cleaning, we swiftly get onto the job itself. We aspire to get rid of your hidden stains, unnoticeable dirt, dust mites and other issues that could be affecting your health and the general aesthetic appeal of your home. 

When you hire Central Home Services for your home cleaning, you are getting the best in the business. Our steam cleaning services in Beaumaris are incredibly popular for cleaning carpets, furniture and upholstery.

Furniture & Upholstery Steam Cleaning Beaumaris

This won’t come as much of a surprise however, when you see the benefits that our steaming can have for your home:

  • It’s affordable: We are local Melbourne folk, and we like to provide our cleaning services at the most cost effective prices.
  • No stain is too difficult: The incredible thing about steaming your home or business’s possessions is that there is no stain that will be left behind. The temperatures of the water tackle even the toughest carpet stains out there.
  • It’s great for allergies: Steam cleaning helps to eliminate dust mites that are the major driver for allergies in many Australian homes.
  • We use the latest cleaning equipment and the safest cleaning agents to ensure that your home or business isn’t just left spotless, but also healthy and hygienic.
  • We also eliminate odours, which means that your home won’t just look clean – it will smell clean too. 

Contact the Beaumaris Steam Cleaning Experts Today!

So if you are looking for cleaning services Beaumaris, then give us a call on 1300 310 160. We will be able to schedule a call out for you or give you an upfront estimate. 

You could also use this handy form to fill out your contact details and we’ll be in touch with you as soon as we possibly can.

Central Home Services also service the suburbs of Brighton, Black Rock, Beaumaris, Mentone, Parkdale, Glen Waverley, Oakleigh, Bentleigh, Hampton, Sandringham, Frankston & St Kilda.
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