Carpet Dry Cleaning Melbourne

Welcome to Central Home Services! We’re a locally owned and operated business that’s been providing home cleaning services, including carpet dry cleaning, in Melbourne for over 20 years.

With our trained technicians guaranteeing you a great result every time, there’s no reason to look elsewhere for professional and affordable dry carpet cleaning services. 

Offering More than the Best Dry Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne

We are proud to have garnered a reputation as being a trusted choice for those looking for a dry carpet cleaner in Melbourne that gets real results for all types of fibres. 

We use state of the art equipment, and we include a FREE deodorising service with each carpet dry cleaning service in Melbourne that we provide. 

Worried about drying time? Don’t be! 

Your carpets will be dry enough to walk on immediately after we finish. We strive to provide the best service possible, and our quick drying guarantee is just one of the reasons why we’ve become one of the most reliable dry carpet cleaning companies in Melbourne.

Carpet Dry Cleaning for Stain Removal

Our efficiency in carpet dry cleaning in Melbourne mean that we can treat most stains including those caused by coffee, cordial, blood, urine, pets, ink, blu tack, grease, make up, glue and even wax. 

Pre Testing Before Carpet Dry Cleaning

Our dry carpet cleaning service in Melbourne caters to all of your cleaning needs and could be just what your home needs. That said; pre testing is important.

Before beginning any carpet cleaning job, we pre-test all fibres for colour-fastness and check materials to establish the best method of cleaning, guaranteeing you a safe and effective outcome. 

If we determine that a dry carpet cleaning service will yield the best results, that’s exactly what we’ll recommend and we’ll get you the results that you’re looking for

Carpet Dry Cleaning Odour removal

We also specialise in removing deep-rooted odours including those caused by pets, urine, vomit, flood damage, and mould & mildew etc. Our carpet protection service can also help to prevent stains and soils from adhering to your carpet and causing further damage in the future.

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What makes us the best carpet dry cleaners in Melbourne

Keeping your home clean and safe should be a top priority, but many people forget just how much impact a dirty carpet can have on a person’s health. 

Regular vacuuming and cleaning can help, however, these methods don’t reach the fibres at the base of a carpet. Overtime, bacteria and other substances can build-up at the bottom of your carpet and can negatively impact your health as well as have a damaging effect on the cleanliness of your entire living space. 

Even though your carpet might look clean, it will never really be clean unless you get it professionally cleaned. 

At Central Home Services we provide the best carpet dry cleaning service in Melbourne so you can eliminate dirt and other nasty’s from your home’s carpets and rugs. 

What substances can accumulate in your carpet and why you need carpet dry cleaning

Carpets can create a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere in your home, but the unwanted visitors that can live in them can cause a lot of trouble. 

Dirt and moisture are two of the main substances that can accumulate in your carpet overtime. Even the most high-tech vacuums don’t have the power to remove these two very common nasty’s that lie lurking in your carpets. 

And beyond making your home unhygienic and prone to bad odours, your carpet can also become a hotbed for breeding bacteria when you don’t treat it to professional carpet dry cleaning in Melbourne at least twice a year. 

Salmonella, listeria and shigella are just three forms of bacteria that are known to be present in dirty carpets. These can be incredibly dangerous as they can cause food poisoning, dysentery and vomiting. 

If you’re looking for a company that offers professional carpet dry cleaning in Melbourne to make your home a happier and healthier place, you won’t find a better service than what we offer here at Central Home Services. 

What is the difference between DIY cleaning and a carpet dry cleaning service in Melbourne? 

Even if you’re doing everything right regarding carpet care in your home you will never be able to achieve the kind of results that we can. 

The two major reasons for this are: 

Specialised Equipment 

One of the factors that make us one of the best providers of carpet dry cleaning in Melbourne is the top of the range equipment we use to clean every carpet. Our cleaners can reach the base of your carpet and clean every fibre efficiently and effectively. As we test your carpets beforehand we know exactly what equipment is needed to remove bacteria, mites, dirt and moisture. 

Tested Techniques 

We have perfected our carpet cleaning service over the 20 years that we have been providing Melbourne carpet dry cleaning services. 

Our knowledge and expertise allow us to assess individual situations and come to an adequate solution no matter what variables are in place. Whatever fibre you have we’ll be able to find the right carpet cleaning solution for you. 

Carpet Dry Cleaning in Melbourne with Exceptional Results at Affordable Service

If you’re looking for a company that delivers exceptional results in carpet dry cleaning in Melbourne whilst keeping their rates affordable, you’ve found what you’re looking for. 

You can contact the Central Home Services trusted team of professionals now on 1300 310 160 or via email at to schedule a call-out. 

Central Home Services are Melbourne’s best house cleaners, specialising in upholstery cleaning, air duct cleaning, air conditioning cleaning, carpet steam cleaning, carpet dry cleaning, furniture cleaning, couch, lounge and sofa steam cleaning. Contact us today!
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