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Central Home Services is a family owned and operated business with over 20 years experience in the Melbourne home service industry. We specialise in stain removal, carpet, upholstery and duct cleaning.
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Home & Business Cleaning Services Melbourne

Are you looking for the best house cleaning service in Melbourne? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Here at Central Home Services in Melbourne you will enjoy exceptional quality cleaning like you have never experienced before. Our trusted business offers a wide range of top quality cleaning services that will give you a cleaner, more hygienic and fresher environment each and every time you use our services.

About Central Home Services

Our family owned and operated company has been in business for more than 20 years. We’ve had the pleasure of helping make the lives of our Melbourne customers easier during this time, and we’ve gained a lot of experience over the years. 

We’ve perfected the art of our cleaning methods and products so our customers can enjoy the best and safest solutions possible for all of their cleaning needs.  

We use modern cleaning equipment and techniques and we take great care to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied with the service they receive each and every time. 

All our staff members undergo extensive training to ensure that our standards of excellence remain consistent. We also love a challenge so know that there is no job that’s too complex, too big, or too dirty for our cleaning team.

Our cleaning products are safe

At Central Home Services we only use the safest cleaning products on the market. We ensure the safety of your pets, children, toddlers and babies by using products with no harmful chemicals or harsh smells. 

You won’t have to worry about grime and sticky residue being left behind after we leave. Your home will be left sparkling clean with no nasty smells or trace of cleaning products.

We provide a wide range of cleaning services

Our team strives to meet all of our client’s cleaning needs and that is exactly why we provide a wide range of cleaning services including all of the following;

Carpet cleaning – Our cleaning service in Melbourne doesn’t just clean carpets; we revive carpets. We use industrial cleaners to deep wash your flooring which removes all grime, dirt, dust, germs and bacteria through a steam cleaning method.  

Once your carpets have been deep cleaned, they will look brand new and be much fluffier and softer.  Our deep carpet washing is especially good for restoring damage to your carpets in the case of flood damage, mould build-up and much more.  

We also offer dry carpet cleaning for general cleaning and maintenance.  There is no type of carpet that we cannot clean so whether you have wool, nylon, acrylic, carpet tiles or something else; we can help restore your flooring to its former glory.

Efficient & Profressional House Cleaning Service in Melbourne

Upholstery cleaning – Upholstery cleaning is a time consuming process that requires effort and experience, especially when it comes to thin or old fabrics like those on antiques.  

We can get all of your upholstery cleaning done in a jiffy and we can clean any type of fabric including leather, cotton, micro suede, linen, tapestry, silk and much more. 

Your upholstery is in very safe hands here at Central Home Services as we’ve experience in caring for all kinds of fabric without the risk of potential damage. 

The Best Home Cleaning Services in Melbourne

Rug cleaning – If you have a rug that is looking drab and dated, our cleaning team can revive its colour vibrancy, its fibres and its cleanliness too. We’ve made old, dirty rugs look brand new again so you don’t have to throw out your rugs and buy new ones – let us work our magic and the results will amaze you. 

Duct cleaning – This is one of the most difficult cleaning jobs there is but our cleaning experts will get any heating, cooling, floor and ceiling ducts cleaned for you in no time at all. 

We also clean the filters; air returns and we sanitise the entire system by using tea tree oil so your home or business premises will smell clean and refreshed.

Post-inspections after each job

Our main goal is to ensure that our clients are satisfied with our service and that is exactly why we conduct thorough post-inspections on each and every job we take on.  

With these inspections we ensure that each job has been done to an exceptional standard and that no shortcuts were taken during the cleaning process.

Top benefits of hiring a professional cleaner

There are many wonderful reasons for hiring our professional Melbourne cleaning service for your home or business. These include;  

  • Proper sanitation of your premises to prevent the spread of disease and to prevent infestations from breaking out.
  • Cleaners are great for giving a home or business a tidy look, a refreshed feel and a great fragranced smell.
  • Some cleaning jobs are just gross, so why go through the hassle when you can hire a professional to do the cleaning for you?
  • We provide effective dust control which greatly reduces asthma as well as sinus problems.
  • Our skilled workers are incredibly fast, efficient and experienced. Our team members are also results driven and hard working, and will do everything possible to make sure you’re 100% satisfied with our service. 

Your safety is guaranteed

Your safety and that of your home/business is really important to us, which is why we carry out stringent background checks on all of our staff members. This ensures that you will feel 100% at ease when it comes to working with our trusted team and, given the nature of our job, this is a big plus for our customers. 

Contact us now to make a booking

To ensure the quality of our work never waivers, we prefer to do proper preparation before getting down to work. 

A pre-inspection is our way of meeting clients, listening to their requirements, identifying the best approach for cleaning and we can also check for colourfastness and shrinkage etc. where relevant.

Contact Central Home Services, the best cleaning company in Melbourne, right now for a pre-inspection, to get a quote or to make a booking. We look forward to hearing from you.  

Central Home Services are Melbourne’s best house cleaners, specialising in upholstery cleaning, air duct cleaning, air conditioning cleaning, carpet steam cleaning, carpet dry cleaning, furniture cleaning, couch, lounge and sofa steam cleaning. Contact us today!

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All of our staff members are fully trained in every aspect of the cleaning services we provide. There is no job too big or too small for our team to tackle. Central Home Services offers both domestic and commercial cleaning.

When you need the best carpet cleaning services you need Central Home Services. We pride ourselves on exceeding our customer’s expectations and on delivering excellent results every time.

When you need the best cleaning services you need Central Home Services. We pride ourselves on exceeding our customer’s expectations and on delivering excellent results every time. We are the best cleaners in Melbourne, because we have all the right equipment and our staff members are experts at what they do.

We provide a wide range of services in Melbourne including:

Carpet Cleaning
We offer expert carpet stain removal and can clean your carpets using either the dry or steam method. We assist with flood damage, vacant possession and move outs.
WWe can handle all types of carpets such as wool, nylon, acrylic, carpet tiles etc.

Upholstery Cleaning
Upholstery is hand cleaned and extra care is taken on delicate materials. We clean all materials including leather, cotton, micro suede, linen, tapestry, silk, etc.

Rug Cleaning
Different methods of cleaning are available, which will be discussed prior to the clean. We can handle many rug types, including acrylic, wool, Persian, silk etc.

Duct Cleaning
We clean all heating and cooling, floor and ceiling ducts including the filters and air returns. As part of our air duct cleaning we sanitise the system using tea tree oil.

We do a pre-inspection prior to commencement of all jobs, to determine which method of cleaning would be most suitable. We also identify any problem areas which may include checking for colour fastness, shrinkage, split seams or any visible damage.

Note: All cancellations require 24Hours notice.